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Peugeot RT3 2017 sat nav CD

Latest 2017 version

This map is compatible with the following Peugeot Sat Nav: WIP COM (RT3)


207 02/2006-06/2007

307 04/2003-02/2007

407 12/2003-11/2006

607 01/2005-11/2007

807 06/2001-06/2007

1007 05/2005-06/2007

Please choose from the list of countries available-

CD 1: France

CD 2: Spain, Portugal

CD 3: Italy

CD 4: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

CD 5: Austria, Switzerland

CD 6: Germany

CD 7: United Kingdom, Ireland

CD 8: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

CD 9: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland

CD 10: Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania

CD 11: Serbia, Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania

IMPORTANT: Only compatible with correct software version 5.5 or 6.6 or higher. If it is lower please order the RT3 software update here.

How do you know if you have the correct software version?

1) Switch the power on

2) Hold down the MENU button until you get the extended menu


4) The software version will then appear If your software version exceeds 5.5 or 6.6 then your software has been upgraded. If it is lower please order the latest software here.

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