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MERCEDES NTG4 (204) V12 sat nav DVD

only for C class model 03/2007 - 10/2008

Mercedes sat nav update for NTG4 command APS navigation 2015 (NTG 4) V12


Product Features

Always and everywhere to know where it goes long. Because with the navigation DVD

with 34 European countries for the Mercedes-Benz COMAND APS, you have access to all important

navigation data and a number of additional information. Please note the actual color code navigation of their new CD / DVD.

Navi-color code: purple

Delivery: 2 DVD's

This navigation DVD COMAND APS Europe 2015 (NTG 4)

fits the following Mercedes-Benz vehicles with COMAND APS:

C-Class Estate S204 ( 03/07 to 10/08 )

Highlights of the navigation - DVD Europe Version 2015

The two DVDs full to the brim with navigation data for four countries in Europe,

with streets and roads, towns, villages and many special destinations:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,

France, Monaco, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City,

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic ,

Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Throughout Western Europe is covered by the 2015 version!

Almost 9.2 million kilometers of road knows the 2017 version of navigation in Europe

In the following countries and the Prime Complete Coverage has been expanded considerably:

DVDs with navigation data for 34 European countries , with roads , cities , villages , and many points of interest .

Western European Cover is with the 2016 version ! About 9.3 millions of kilometers of road navigation in 2016 version across Europe .

In Europe del Este

in addition to them the Baltic States , Greece , Croatia , Poland , the Slovak Republic

Slovenia , the Czech Republic , Hungary , Bulgaria and Romania también totally Cover .

With the version 2017 91.434 cities and municipalities are going to control .

Almost 2.9bn of objectives is particularly important Includes DVD in it ,

for example, lets service stations , parking , museums , restaurants and hospital.

Compared with the previous version so that approximately 502 834 PDI more are available

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