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Jaguar XJ/XF/F Type 2017 Europe 2.1 GEN HDD USB Stick Navigation Update 2018

Map Download and activation code

Jaguar XJ/XF/F Type 2018 Europe 2.1 GEN HDD USB Stick Navigation Update

Latest 2018 Europe Update USB STICK for the below models which need USB update

this is a DOWNLOAD & Map activation code purchase

PLEASE email your vehicle VIN number at checkout

Once you have provided your VIN number and paid, you will be emailed a download link from which you can download the map files. You need an empty 32GB USB stick, good brand reccomended (sandisk, transcend, verbatim etc) to copy these to. You will get full instructions of how to update your car and a map activation code with the email.

Coverage- Montenegro, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Albania


F-Type (MY2013 - MY2015)

XF (MY2012 - MY2015)

XJ (MY2009 - MY2015)

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