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Firmware version 5570

The updates comes in 3 CDs:

CD1: updates to 5150 ( necessary for old versions )

CD2: updates the Bluetooth and applications like phone capabilities (15 min.)

CD3: updates to 5570 : AMP, TV, MP3, MMI, ..... SW and tuner units (25 min.)

new features in the firmware 5570 such as: Bluetooth easy PIN access iPhone 4, 5, 5s connection improvement

Trouble-free integration of the new iPod generations. MMI Stability improvement 3D view at the maps screen ( before F/W 5150)

Map view navigation menu is selectable "3D view" display. Support Cyrillic scripts of the CD(MP3) tags Faster MMI unit response New languages location at the menu MMI HIGH recovery feature

AMI (Audi Music Interface) is now allow to connect IPOD, USB sticks, hard drives, etc. Possibility to change (swap) language of the SDS (Voice) module.

Also this CDs set will update the remaining components of the system depending on what your car has fitted inside. (ie. MMI, digital tv, tuner, AMI, SDS, bose system, CD(MP3) player, etc.)

with following changes on the MMi 2G system:

Audi Parking System Plus can be coded for the(Audible and graphic display of the screen)

Navigation Announcements can be turned off during call Volume of the background music during navigation can be set Up More information can be displayed in the Navigation map Better information for the driver of highway exits at low zoom levels Bluetooth: access to phonebook/ or tel. memory on the Cluster screen Configurable Bluetooth PIN Selectable the POI of the navigation, which you can dial the number directly VCS (voice control system) is available in conjunction with Hands free kit. DSP sound improvement DRIVER / SYMMETRIC settings

8 languages : Deutsch, English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Portugues, Nederlands, Russian

EUR 99.00EUR 39.00